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2016-2017 Patron Drive Results!

Year after year, Mt. Bethel families give generously to provide educational resources beyond those paid for by the Cobb County School District. Together, we have built a strong Foundation! Below is a snapshot of this year's Patron Drive fundraiser. Personal Donations: $124,860 + *Corporate Matching: $14,900 Total: $139,760 *Please note, we are still receiving corporate matching funds, so this number will grow!

12 Patron Level Donors - donations greater than $1,000

74% School Wide Participation (591 Families) Did you miss the Foundation Annual Meeting?

Click Here to view our 2016-2017 Annual Report.


And The Winners Are...

Highest Classroom Participation Winners! (All classes with over 85% participation)

Mrs. Mullins, 1st Grade - 92% Mrs. Robinson, 1st Grade - 92% Mrs. Barnes, Kindergarten - 89% Mrs. Smith, 1st Grade - 88% Click Here to review all classroom percentages.

These classrooms won a Popsicle Party and the top two teachers won premier parking spots! Patron Drive Principal-For-A-Day Winners! (All students that participate in the Foundation Patron Drive are eligible. One winner per grade is randomly selected)

Kindergarten - Hudson M. (St. Jean) 1st Grade - Sofia A. (Smith) 2nd Grade - Lilli M. (Salmone) 3rd Grade - Anna Grace M. (Johnson) 4th Grade - William B. (Kenney) 5th Grade - Ethan J. (Morris) Thank you to all of the families that support our school's Foundation!

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