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The Mt. Bethel Elementary School Foundation proudly organizes the annual STEM Fair! This non-judged event is a great way for all emerging scientists to demonstrate their knowledge and creativity using the scientific method and a variety of exciting (and maybe messy?) experiments!

*Please note:  NO Food or Candy may be given away at this event

This is a free, non-judged event – all in the name of creativity, discovery and science! Students may work individually or with partners.
PLEASE NOTE: Each student must be registered separately regardless of if they are working alone or with a partner.​​
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  • Registration is open through Friday, October 6.
  • Check in begins at 4:45pm and ends at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, October 10.
  • The check-in desk will be in the breezeway in front of the cafeteria doors, where parents walk into the building to pick up kids from ASP. Our volunteers will check-in your young scientist and provide further details about setup.
  • If your scientist has a difficult-to-carry project, you can utilize the bus lanes to drop off the project with one of our volunteers.  Please only use this option if you are unable to carry your project into the STEM Fair.  Once you have given your project to our volunteers, they will hold it while you park in the parking lot and check-in.  Please check-in first and then pick up your project.
  • Once the main parking lot is full, parents may park in the bus lanes where appropriate. Please keep the breezeway spots open for our attendees entering and exiting.
  • Unless your designated table is against a wall, please provide enough room to fit another project behind your trifold. Tables hold trifold project boards two deep; therefore, projects should be back-to-back.
  • STEM Fair projects will be organized by grade level.
  • NO FOOD OR CANDY is allowed to be given away at the STEM Fair.
  • Robots built by the Walton Robotics Team will also be in attendance. Take a minute to interact with the Walton students and their robots!
  • The STEM Fair ends at 7:00pm. Please take home your science project and ensure your area is clean.

Questions?  Email

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Download STEM
Fair Guidelines


STEM Community Members & Partners

Walton High School Robotics Team

Mt. Bethel STEM Teachers - Ms. Griffee and Ms. Kurtz


Special Thanks
to Our Sponsor: MATHNASIUM
Walton Robotics Team
Walton Robotics Team.JPG
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