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2018-2019 Teacher/School Grants

Below is a list of the Grants that have been approved for the 2018-2019 School Year.  These Grants are funded by the donations the Foundation receives.  
Your donations make a difference!

           Mt. Bethel Foundation              
Approved Teacher/School Grants for 2018-2019

Professional Training & Development:

  • Orton-Gillingham Math Training for Kindergarten & 1st Grade Teachers 

  • Orton-Gillingham Math Manipulative Kits for Kindergarten & 1st Grade 

 What is OG Math?

A multi-sensory approach to teaching math that includes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic input and helps students and teachers understand how to move from the concrete (manipulatives) to the semi-abstract (drawings and visual representations) to the abstract (algorithm or what we think of as the way to write problems that looks like math should look).

The work session of instruction mirrors OG ELA – with drills tailored to class/student need, understanding rules of numeracy and how to build within 10, and time to practice/apply.


What are the benefits?

Training occurs at the beginning of the school year and teachers are able to use the training and materials throughout the school year.

A true enhancement to our math curriculum and instruction in the foundational years!

  • Microsoft Innovative Educator Training-                                                      Cobb County School District’s Instructional Technology certification course, led by Carrie Lowery, TTIS, (Technology Training Integration Specialist) provided training in: how to utilize the Office 365 tools; how to use OneNote for organization, to enhance communication, collaboration, and critical thinking; and brainstormed ways lessons can be enhanced or changed to increase student levels of engagement and collaborative participation.  


Student & Classroom Support:

  • Technology: 30 iPads and a cart for kindergarten and 30 iPads and a cart for first grade  










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