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2018 - 2019 Patron Drive Results and Winners

Dear Mt. Bethel Families, We are so thankful for our Mt. Bethel families that so generously supported this year’s Foundation Patron Drive. Year after year your unwavering donations make it possible to provide educational resources for each and every Mt. Bethel student above and beyond those provided by the Cobb County School District. Please see the fantastic results as of February 11, 2019:

2018 – 2019 Foundation Patron Drive Results

Personal Donations: $139,195 + *Corporate Matching: $18,686 Total: $157,881

*Please note, we expect to receive corporate matching funds throughout the remaining school year.

17 Founders Circle Level Donors - donations of $1,000 and above

70% School Wide Participation - 557 Households

Classrooms With 85% Participation or Greater!

Mrs. Loescher, Kindergarten, 90% Mrs. Lindsay, Kindergarten, 85% Mrs. Mullins, 1st Grade, 86%, Ms. Ritsche, 2nd Grade, 96% Mrs. Nagle, 3rd Grade, 95% Mrs. Hoeflinger, 3rd Grade, 86% Mrs. Sides, 4th Grade, 85%

These classrooms have won a Menchies Yogurt Party. Class winners of the Foundation frozen yogurt parties will be able to celebrate on March 22nd! In addition, these teachers will be able to wear jeans any day that they wear their new Foundation t-shirt!

Patron Drive Principal-For-A-Day Winners!

This year’s Foundation Principal of the Day winners will lead the school on March 22nd:

Kindergarten – Max L. (Mrs. Lindsay) 1st Grade – Lindsay S. (Mrs. Rockwell) 2nd Grade – Nathan E. (Ms. Ritsche) 3rd Grade – Lisette H. (Mrs. Eipper) 4th Grade – Ava F. (Mrs. Sikes) 5th Grade – Dylan D. (Mrs. Wheeler)

These 5th graders will receive parent parking and reserved seats for 5th grade awards ceremony:

Maya P. (Mrs. Oakhill) Tommy L. (Ms. Carey). Thank you for giving the gift of education!

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