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What We Do

Whether you have a new Kindergartener or a seasoned Fifth Grader, you know the benefits that your child receives from our parent-funded Foundation.  From instructor salaries to Professional Development, updated technology and important STEM Lab and classroom instructional materials, the Foundation is committed to walking alongside our administration to provide educational enhancements to every student at Mt. Bethel.

Mt. Bethel Foundation Expenditures

2020-2021 Expenditures
Fiscal Year End July 31, 2021

Educational Expenditures                              $63,547

Instructor Salaries & Supplies / STEM Support

STEAM Assistant

Technology Resource Coordinator

Computer Lab Support

Technology Subscriptions for Seesaw, ABCYa!, and Freckle

STEM Supplies

School Approved Grants                                 $95,569

COVID Face To Face Supplies – Table Shields and Hand Sanitizer Stations

Computer Lab Laptops and Furniture

iPads for Target Program

The Voyage – Character Education Program

Next Step Guided Reading Assessment Kits

Orton-Gillingham Training and Manipulatives

Patterns of Power Plus Grammar Kits

5th Grade Organizational Classes

Turf Reserves and Expenses                          $9,067

Operating Expenses                                          $7,416


Total Expenditures                                            $175,599


The breakdown above explains the expenses that the Mt. Bethel Foundation estimate to incur for the 2020-2021 school year.

Our Foundation holds an annual Patron Drive during the month of October.

Every family is asked to contribute a minimum of $125/student in order to reach our goal.

100% of parents’ donated amount directly impacts Mt. Bethel students’ education!


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