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Funding Sources

The breakdown below explains the revenue that the Mt. Bethel Foundation raised for the 2023-2024 school year. Our Foundation holds an annual Patron Drive during the month of October. The Patron Drive is our primary fundraiser!  Every family is asked to contribute a minimum of $150/student in order to reach our goal.


100% of parents’ donated amount directly impacts Mt. Bethel students’ education!

Mt. Bethel Foundation Funding


Patron Drive Available                                                         $119,697


•   Patron Drive is our Primary Fundraiser!

•   Personal Donations: $103,099

•   Corporate Donations: $16,598


FACT Programs                                                                       $56,771


•   FACT Programs are a fundraiser for the Foundation. Each program donates a percentage of their enrollments.

STEAM Nights                                                                          $0


•   Full STEAM Fridays are held once a month and provide time for your child to engage in LEGO builds, robotics, coding, technology, engineering challenges, and creative collaborative projects. STEAM Nights were put on hold in 2023-2024.

Treasure Partners & Bank Interest                                  $1,258


•   Outside organizations such as local youth sports, may support the Foundation through reserving the turf field for practices.


Endowment Fund & Excess Cash from Prior Year    $16,000


•   This is an annual withdrawal from the Endowment fund to help fund grants during the fiscal year

Total Funding                                                                           $193,726

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