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Patience is an important character attribute to help your child grow, and we can’t wait to take this journey with them this month. Our Anchor is, “Patience is waiting for the best thing even when you don't feel like it. Just as an anchor holds a boat steady,  patience is foundational for your child. Each week will also have an Action Point where we will focus on the following: 

  • Week one Action Point: "Patience means waiting your turn"

  • Week two Action Point: “Patience means not complaining or whining while you endure a tough situation"

  • Week three Action Point: “Patience means you don't give up, and you keep trying”

  • Week four Action Point: "Patience means sometimes you have to wait for the best."

Remind your children each day about our Anchor and Action Point! Let’s work together and see Patience grow at school and at home. 

Learn more about conversation starters and family activities to do at home with your child: Parent Take Home Card.

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