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2022-2023 Teacher/School Grants

Below is a list of the Grants that have been approved for the 2022-2023 School Year.  These Grants are funded by the donations the Foundation receives.  

Your donations make a difference!

           Mount Bethel Elementary School Foundation              
Teacher/School Grants for 2022-2023

Professional Training & Development

  • Orton-Gillingham Math Training for 7 Teachers: OG Math is a multisensory approach that leads the student through small increments of understanding toward unifying themes in mathematics.

  • Orton-Gillingham Coaching Training

  • Orton-Gillingham Language Arts: Teachers new to Mt. Bethel Elementary were provided with OG Training in Language Arts. 

  • Dyslexia Endorsement for Teachers: Teachers took 3 10-week courses focused on the principles of structured literacy, the practice of structured language and literacy teaching, the rationale for multisensory and multimodal language-learning techniques, adaptations to accommodate individual differences, phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics and word recognition, automatic fluent reading of text, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, and written expression. 

  • Georgia Educational Technology Conference: A group of teachers attended this conference to learn how to bring engaging educational technology into the classrooms, and brought back with them to share with their colleagues at Mt. Bethel updates about the latest and greatest in education technology.

  • Energy Bus Training and Books: Mt. Bethel staff participated in The Energy Bus program at the school. The training helped staff get on the bus and move in the right direction with a unified vision, focus, purpose, and positive energy. Foundation also purchased the books for teachers and a kid’s version of the book as a resource in each classroom.

Student & Classroom Support

  • Generation Genius Subscription: Generation Genius is a K-8 teaching resource that brings school science standards to life through fun and educational videos paired with lesson plans, activities, quizzes, and reading material. 

  • Acadience 3-Day Training and Progress Monitoring Books: Acadience helps educators monitor reading proficiency across a variety of educational settings. By detecting when students need extra support, this tool helps teachers improve student outcomes.

  • InVenture National Competition Trip: Mt. Bethel’s Team Fish Saver, led by Target teacher Maggie Hunter, took part in a national competition in Dearborn, Michigan. The InVenture National Competition teaches students problem-identification, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and creativity skills. 

  • STEM Supplies

  • Organization Classes for 4th and 5th Graders: Natalie Collins, M.Ed., is a learning specialist and former teacher who comes to our school with tools and tips for our 4th and 5th graders to help them become more organized and to teach them how to study. A fall class was held for the students, and a spring class was held for students as rising 6th graders, and their parents, to prepare them for the transition into middle school.

  • Kindergarten Sound Teaching Tubs: The Kindergarten classrooms were provided with Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tubs. The 26 tubs came with a total of 208 letters and manipulatives, plus an extensive teacher’s guide filled with games, activities, and teaching suggestions. These tubs enriched the introduction of each letter to students by focusing on each object in the tub matching the beginning letter sound. After an introduction to the letter, the tubs provide the students with a sensory table to dig and match the objects to the beginning letter sound with a recording sheet. These objects help match the research-based Orton-Gillingham multisensory strategy to help meet the needs of all learners.

  • Kindergarten School-Rite Number Tracing Templates: These materials aided Kindergarten teachers in providing aid for students that demonstrated a need for intervention in number and letter formation. 

Technology Updates

  • Tynker: A new addition to the STEM Lab, Tynker is the #1 coding platform for schools nationwide. Foundation funded a 2nd-5th grade account for Tynker to continue engaging materials in Mt. Bethel’s STEM program.

  • Quiver: Another new addition to the STEM Lab, Foundation purchased a schoolwide account for Quiver Augmented Reality. Quiver brings student coloring pages to life through an Augmented Reality app that creates engaging, immersive experiences for people of all ages.

  • Mystery Science: An in-depth platform, Mystery Science brings STEM lessons to life through videos, challenges, and interactive components.

  • Audio Visual Upgrade in Cafeteria: The cafeteria had new audio and visual equipment installed that not only allows for engaging and relevant information for students to be played during lunchtime but also acts as a great resource for presentations and events held in the cafeteria such as Back to School Night and STEM Fair.


  • Technology Resource Coordinator: Shawn Lieth is an invaluable tool in education and technology for Mt. Bethel. Ms. Lieth keeps Mt. Bethel’s technology up and running by managing hundreds of tech devices on campus and manages the Learning Lab, where she prepares students to be 21st Century tech-savvy learners and spearheads initiatives to promote seamless technology integration into the classroom. Read more about Ms. Lieth here

  • STEAM Assistant: Melissa Pumpian provides invaluable support to the school, its students, and the teachers. She unifies Mt. Bethel’s STEM, Art, and Music programs as she coordinates and delivers all materials for schoolwide STEM days, preps materials for art projects and for the Art Show in the Spring, and assist with curriculum implementation in Specials classes. Read more about Ms. Pumpian here.

  • FACT Club Monitor: Terri Powe provided support at dismissal time for teachers and staff by managing the many students who attend a FACT club after school. Ms. Powe made sure the transition for those students from classroom to club rooms was seamless, quick, and efficient.


Beyond the Classroom

  • Field Day Inflatables and Dunk Tank: For Mt. Bethel’s annual Field Day, Foundation ventured out of the school walls and into the fun outdoors. Foundation funded the ever-popular dunk tank and large inflatable obstacle courses and slides. Showcasing a variety of physical skills and working together as a team with their classmates, Field Day was filled with excitement and lots of laughter as students successfully dunked several teachers and principals into the tank of water!


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