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2017-2018 Teacher/School Grants

Below is a list of the Grants that have been approved for the 2017-2018 School Year.  These Grants are funded by the donations the Foundation receives. 
Your donations make a difference!

           Mt. Bethel Foundation              
Approved Teacher/School Grants for 2017-2018


Professional Training & Development:

  • School Counselor Association Annual Conference - Fall 2017

  • GOSSLP - Speech Teacher Conference for our Speech Teachers  - Winter 2018      The Georgia Organization School-Based Speech-Language Pathology (GOSSLP) Conference is a unique continuing education conference tailored specifically for speech teachers.  The education conference features a line-up of topics and speakers focused on a wide variety of disciplines within speech-language pathology.  In March, Abbie White and Taylor Bornhorst had the opportunity to attend the GOSSLP conference with many other school based Speech-Language Pathologists from Georgia. While they were there, they learned more about areas of their field such as executive functioning and how to better equip their students to become more organized and successful, the zones of regulation to help children learn about their different emotions and healthy ways to handle them, using literacy during speech sessions, and how to implement the SCERTS method of communication with our lower functioning students. 

  • Kagan Structures Workshop - Winter 2018   Teachers will learn about the eight different ways our students are smart and how practical and proven multiple intelligences structures can be used to engage different learners.

  • Orton-Gillingham Math Training - Winter 2018   Will provide select teachers with an overview of the basic operations and the approach that allows students the opportunity to conceptualize math problems through concrete and semi-abstract representations that bridge seamlessly to traditional algorithms without the need for rote memorization.

  • Orton-Gillingham Coaching Training - Fall 2017

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Support:


  • STEM Lab Furniture – Fall 2017  This year Mt. Bethel will have 2 STEM Labs for students to experience!  With the addition of a full-time STEM Teacher along with the Foundation-funded STEM Teacher students will be able to enjoy STEM all year long.  One STEM Lab will focus on Science and Technology while the other will focus on Engineering and Math.  Thanks to your donations, the Foundation was able to fund specialized furniture for the STEM Lab last year that helps to enhance students ability to collaborate on projects and learning experiences.  The Foundation is excited to be able to fund the same furniture this school year for our second STEM Lab.

  • STEM Technology/Tools/Games - Fall 2017  

Student & Classroom Support:

  • Turf Field - Spring 2017  Mt. Bethel Elementary School Foundation funded a new synthetic turf field to replace the "dirt field" located behind the kindergarten hallway and Annex.  For more details, click here.

  • Orton-Gillingham Portfolios - Fall 2017  In the past year, our Foundation provided Orton-Gillingham training to every teacher at Mt. Bethel!  Orton-Gillingham is a multi-sensory methodology to teach phonics, decoding, and reading. This type of instruction is unique because it enables teachers to capitalize on each student’s dominant learning style while strengthening the remaining learning pathways.  Orton-Gillingham portfolios will be provided to each student in grades 2 through 5 and these binders and tabs will follow students through elementary school. 

  • Seesaw for Schools- Online Student Portfolios– Fall 2017  Seesaw for schools gives students the ability to have a comprehensive digital portfolio of their learning as they move through Mt. Bethel from class to class and year to year.  Students can take pictures or videos of work they have created and share in on their portfolio.  Parents can then log in to an app and view their student's work at anytime!

  • Books for 3rd Grade Unit of Study - Fall 2017

  • Target - Supplies for new unit of study - Winter 2018  New units of study to include drones, origami, and survivor.

  • Accelerated Reader Program - School-wide - Fall 2017

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