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2016-2017 Teacher/School Grants

Below is a list of the Grants that have been approved for the 2016-2017 School Year.  These Grants are funded by the donations the Foundation receives. 
Your donations make a difference!

           Mt. Bethel Foundation              

Approved Teacher/School Grants for 2016-2017

Professional Training & Development:

  • Orton-Gillingham Training for 2nd - 5th GradesSummer/Fall 2017

Orton-Gillingham is an approach that prepares a teacher to individualize instruction to meet the specific needs of a learner.  Focused on Greek/Latin roots and vocabulary, this training will ensure a comprehensive decoding, encoding, spelling, and vocabulary program for our students in 2nd to 5th grade.  Additionally, this training involves continued work with multi-sensory reading and writing instruction which is already in place for Kindergarten and First Graders due to a Foundation Grant from 2015-2016.


  • Library of Congress Training – Summer 2017

  • Columbia University’s Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop Training for K-5th Grade teachers - Summer 2017

Writer’s Workshop is a method of writing instruction which fosters lifelong writers.  It dovetails with the Lucy Calkins Reader’s Workshop which has been implemented schoolwide for all grades.  Each grade level has specific units of study tailored to meet developmental and curricular needs by providing a consistent writing process for students.  Columbia University’s Lucy Calkins Writer’s Workshop is renowned for professional development in the teaching of writing. 

  • Lucy Calkins’ Leadership Conference - The Leadership Challenge in Implementing Units of Study in Writing - March 2017

This conference is designed to help school leaders support best practices in the teaching of writing by providing exemplary professional learning, encourage reflection on current practices and plan next steps in the implementation of Columbia University’s Lucy Calkins Writer’s Workshop.

  • Gifted Endorsement Certification Training for 2nd-5th Grade Teachers - Fall 2016


This graduate level training enables teachers to recognize the unique learning style of each child.  Gifted Endorsement provides methods to help our teachers not only meet the needs of each student but help them excel at their own pace while still meeting and exceeding the standards.


  • Orton-Gillingham Training for K-1st Grade & Special Education Teachers - Fall 2016


Orton-Gillingham is a multi-sensory methodology to teach phonics, decoding, and reading. This type of instruction is unique because it enables teachers to capitalize on each student’s dominant learning style while strengthening the remaining learning pathways.  The Foundation is funding Orton-Gillingham Training in the Fall of 2017 for our 2nd to 5th Grade teachers.  See more details above.


  • GOSSLP - Speech Teacher Conference for our Speech Teachers


The Georgia Organization School-Based Speech-Language Pathology (GOSSLP) Conference is a unique continuing education conference tailored specifically for speech teachers.  The education conference features a line-up of topics and speakers focused on a wide variety of disciplines within speech-language pathology.  In March, Abbie White and Taylor Bornhorst had the opportunity to attend the GOSSLP conference with many other school based Speech-Language Pathologists from Georgia. While they were there, they learned more about areas of their field such as executive functioning and how to better equip their students to become more organized and successful, the zones of regulation to help children learn about their different emotions and healthy ways to handle them, using literacy during speech sessions, and how to implement the SCERTS method of communication with our lower functioning students. They brought back so many functional ideas that they can’t wait to start using at Mt. Bethel!


  • Orton-Gillingham Coaching – Fall of 2017


This training is for three days of coaching with feedback and follow up.  This training will focus on practical applications of Orton-Gillingham from REAP paired with guided work sessions.  This coaching will be available to K to 1st Grade teachers who finished their Orton-Gillingham training to guarantee best practice of the methodology learned.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Support:


  • STEM Lab Equipment – Fall 2016


Our Science Lab transformed into a STEM Lab with instruction from a full-time certified teacher this Fall. Your donations have helped hire a STEAM Assistant and provide critical materials for the STEM Lab, including furniture and supplies that advance problem solving, foundations of coding, higher order thinking skills and innovation.

  • CEISMC @ Georgia Tech STEAM Leadership Conference - March 2017

This conference is designed for leaders interested in learning how to incorporate STEAM into their school's curriculum.This event features interactive, educational sessions, engaging STEAM-focused work groups, and panel sessions with experts in the field.  


Attendance to the CEISMC Conference helps our administration to focus on visioning the next steps for Mt. Bethel, it's overall vision and ensuring the education provided to all our students is preparing our Buccaneers for critical skills they will need beyond elementary school.

  • STEM Day Supplies - May 2017

Student & Classroom Support:

  • Rising 6th Grade Organization Class - May 2017

Each rising 6th grade class will receive a one-hour “6th Grade Boot Camp” session taught by a Learning Specialist, Natalie Collins, M. Ed.  The session highlights how to use agendas to keep up with multiple classes with different teacher expectations, how to set-up an interactive notebook, how to advocate for yourself, and how to monitor and calculate grades. At the end of this session, our students will be equipped with organizational strategies ensuring they are fully prepared for the transition into Middle School and their academic success.


  • Columbia University’s Lucy Calkins Unit of Study & Reading Strategy Books - Spring 2017


Last year, our Foundation provided in-depth professional learning to every teacher by Columbia University’s Lucy Calkins Reader’s Workshop.  To continue our support, this year, the Foundation provided more books for students to use in every grade.  In addition, each teacher received the Reading Strategies Book by Jennifer Serravallo that outlines at least 300 strategies to use to help students improve fluency, comprehension, and will help our teachers develop reading skills across all grade levels!

  • Target Hot Air Balloon Launcher - Spring 2017

  • 5th Grade Organizational Skills Class– Fall 2016

Each 5th grade class received a one-hour study skills session taught by a Learning Specialist, Natalie Collins, M. Ed.  The session highlighted how to use Agendas, how to plan long term projects, study strategies, and introduced The Cornell Note Taking Method.  

Lucy Calkins Leadership Conference

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